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Submit Userfeedback via callstats API

User feedback is a critical metric for voice and video apps, since it gives a direct link between how the enduser felt about the call and network performance. Direct feedback from the enduser is the quickest indicator of call quality.

If user feedback is consistently negative, it is a sign something is very wrong - whether that be with agent conversations in a call centre, call quality, or some other factor. It is crucial to monitor this metric and use it to guide your contact centre operations. Without engaging with and making improvements based on this metric, you may find that customers are wary to interact with your contact centre. This can result in customer frustration, missed business opportunities, brand degradation, and potential customer churn.


  • Send the feedback on conference performance indicated by the user.

    conferenceIDRequiredString (256 bytes)It is generated by the origin server.
    feedbackRequiredObjectJSON object.
    pcCallbackOptionalCallbackthe callback asynchronously reports failure or success of feedback submission.

JSON for feedback

userIDRequiredString (128 bytes)It is generated by the origin server. Discussed in a later section.
overallRequiredInteger (between 1-5)Typically the scores correspond to the mean opinion score, in this case this value represents the overall quality perceived by the userID.
audio, video, screenOptionalInteger (between 1-5)Similar to the definition of overall, except these values correspond to specific types of media streams.
commentOptionalStringDetailed user feedback.

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Submit Userfeedback via callstats API

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