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callstats.js API enums

API Enums

Enumeration of fabricUsage

multiplexDescribes a PeerConnection carrying multiple media streams on the same port.
audioDescribes an audio-only PeerConnection.
videoDescribes a video-only PeerConnection.
screenDescribes a screen-sharing PeerConnection.
dataDescribes a PeerConnection with only DataChannels.
unbundledDescribes a PeerConnection carrying media streams on different ports.

When using a single PeerConnection between a pair of userIDs for sending and receiving audio and video, application MUST use multiplex.

Enumeration of fabricEvent

fabricHoldThe fabric is currently not sending and receiving any media, but the connection is still active.
fabricResumeThe fabric is resuming communication with the remote endpoint.
audioMuteThe fabric is currently not sending any Audio, but MAY be sending video.
audioUnmuteThe fabric is resuming Audio communication.
videoPauseThe fabric is currently not sending any Video, but MAY be sending audio.
videoResumeThe fabric is resuming Video communication.
fabricTerminatedThe PeerConnection is destroyed and is no longer sending or receiving any media.
screenShareStartThe PeerConnection started the screen sharing.
screenShareStopThe PeerConnection stopped the screen sharing.
dominantSpeakerThe userID reports that it is the dominant speaker and not the remote participants.
activeDeviceListThe userID reports the active devices used by him during the conference.

Enumeration of webRTCFunctions

Function NameDescription
getUserMediaThe failure occurred in getUserMedia function (added in callstats.js version 3.4.x).
createOfferThe failure occurred in createOffer function.
createAnswerThe failure occurred in createAnswer function.
setLocalDescriptionThe failure occurred in setLocalDescription function.
setRemoteDescriptionThe failure occurred in setRemoteDescription function.
addIceCandidateThe failure occurred in addIceCandidate function.
iceConnectionFailureIce connection failure detected by the application.
signalingErrorSignaling related errors in the application.
applicationLogApplication related logs, this will not be considered as a failure.

Enumeration of endpointType

peerThe endpoint is a WebRTC client/peer.
serverThe endpoint is a media server or a middle-box.

Enumeration of transmissionDirection

sendonlyPeerConnection is for sending only.
receiveonlyPeerConnection is for receiving only.
sendrecvPeerConnection is for sending and receiving.
inactivePeerConnection is inactive.

Enumeration of userIDType

localSet the localUserID
remoteSet the remoteUserID

csError Types

httpErrorHTTP error, the csErrMsg string is reported by the browser.
authErrorAuthentication failed, AppID or AppSecret is incorrect.
wsChannelFailureConnection failed, could not connect to over WebSockets.
csProtoErrorThe client library is sending malformed messages.
successThe back-end has accepted the request and the endpoint is authenticated, or capable of sending measurement data.
appConnectivityErrorThe connectivity checks for given PeerConnection object failed, i.e., iceConnectionState is set to disconnected.
tokenGenerationErrorApplication could not generate the JWT.

csProtoError: This may happen due to a change in the metrics or formatting of the current statistics API implemented by the browser.

Enumeration of callStatsAPIReturnStatus

successThe API call was successful.
failureThe API call failed.

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callstats.js API enums

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